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This is a website for high school students to get reliable resources on Mathematical studies. Currently, the materials are mainly for the Hong Kong DSE syllabus. Anyway, our One-on-One classes also welcome IGCSE, GCE A Level students. Unlike most online classes delivered through pre-recorded videos, our online live classes are to be delivered through live screen-sharing technology that is similar to video conferencing.

The advantages of such class format include real-time interactive communication between students and tutor, readiness to handle last-minute change of class agenda, direct and immediate assessment of students’ level of understanding of class materials. And we understand that the critical success factor for Mathematical studies is not merely on technology deployment, but also on the people’s involvement including effective interaction and empowering students’ ability of problem solving.

The expected values of developing this platform for Mathematical studies are as follows:

Effectiveness: Students do not need to spend time to travel from home or school to tutorial centre;

Autonomy: Students can attend our online live classes either at home, cafe, or anywhere they like. The only requirement is a computer, tablet, or smart phone with internet access. Of course, they can choose to attend the online class with a 50-inch TV at home.

Environmental-friendly: No paper is to be used for the purpose of notes, quizzes or exercise. Moreover, no travel to tutorial centre means less consumption on fuel for traveling. That saves the environment a lot if it is about few thousand journeys in a year!



Students’ Achievement:

Admitted to MBBS program, HKU
(HKDSE 2015 & 16)

Past & Present Students from following schools
(partially listed):

  • Belilios Public School
  • Canadian International School, HK
  • Canossa College
  • Cheung Chuk Shan College
  • Heep Yunn School
  • Kiangsu – Chekiang College International Sections
  • Munsang College Hong Kong Island
  • Po Leung Kuk No. 1 W. H. Cheung College
  • Queen’s College
  • Sacred Heart Canossian College
  • St. Paul’s College
  • St. Paul’s Convent School (Secondary Section)
  • St. Paul’s Secondary School
  • St. Joseph’s College
  • St. Stephen’s College
  • St. Stephen’s Girls’ College
  • South Island School
  • The College of Richard Collyer
  • Wah Yan College, HK
  • School of Engineering, HKUST

Strength & Experience:

  • Detail Analysis of past papers of the past 25 yrs. and effective problem solving techniques
  • Associate theories to everyday life situations so as to arouse people’s interest in Math
  • Demystify Math concepts and provide innovative mode of learning
  • Able to instruct in English,  Cantonese or Mandarin

3D Approach


In general, mathematics tutorial classes only emphasise doing voluminous exercises, learning various forms of questions, predicting exam. questions . . .

Apart from providing appropriate quantity of exercises, our online live classes further emphasize the importance of explaining various Mathematical concepts enabling students to develop the ability of solving complicated problems on their own. This is a demystification process. We’ll also guide students to set up their own goals, and then build up determination.

Last, but not the least, is to embrace discipline.

“Discipline” is not just about orders in the classroom, but rather to developing habit of finishing assignments at consistent pace for both classwork and homework.

In fact, doing exercises as much as possible is not the key of learning, the key is to understand ones own shortcomings and strengths during the process of tackling various types of problems in mathematics. Otherwise, it will only be counter-productive, the worst case is the loosing of learning motivation. So assignments will be given to students based on the ability and time availability. There will be careful arrangement on the quantity and level of difficulty of assignments to achieve the greatest improvement efficiently.

Following the above 3D rules, there will be great improvement on students’ foundation of mathematics and their potential will be unleashed! It is important to note that “demystification” relies on the ability of the tutor. “Determination” is the result of the interaction between tutor and the students, and the development of “discipline” mainly depends on the students’ own effort.

If you are interested in learning more about our online math classes, please feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Book 1-on-1 Online Class?

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  2. Class Schedule, (attendee’s) Name, email, School Grade are required items
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如何預約 1對1 網上課堂?

  1. 在日曆表選擇課堂日期,綠色格為可選日期
  2. 課堂時段、(學生)名稱、電郵、學生年級等為必須填寫欄
  3. 如閣下「轉數快」戶口已連結手機號碼,可選擇輸入手機號碼,方便試堂後回贈留位費
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*受條款約束 Terms of Service

Why 24ourMath 1-on-1 Online Class?

  • With real-time online interaction, close contact between tutor and attendees can be avoided, this format of class is safe especially under the threat of epidemic disease occurrence
  • It’s a cost-effective format of private tutorial class that saves attendee’s traveling time to a physical tutorial centre
  • From an environmental point-of-view, online classes can significantly reduce the consumption of papers. Education is for the future benefit of our next generation, so does the goal of environment protection.

為何選擇24ourMath 數學同行™ 1 對 1 網上課堂

  • 通過實時在線的互動平台,避免導師與同學近距離接觸。若在社區流行病威脅下,這種授課形式是安全的。
  • 一種成本效益高的私人補習模式,可大大節省同學往返補習社的時間。
  • 從環境的角度來看,網上課堂可以大大減少紙張的使用。 教育是為了下一代的長遠利益,環境保護的目標也是如此。