1. 24ourMath 數學同行™ (“We”, “Us”, “Our”)
    1. the business unit (o/b: managing the website (URL:, and the Class
    2. emails of invoices and customer’s transaction reports may be sent out by 3rd party mailer
  2. User
    1. The person using any device accessing this website for viewing and/or inputing information to a form of this website.
  3. 1-on-1 Online Class (“Class”)
    1. Only one attendee with one dedicated tutor in one video conferencing section;
    2. Using Google Hangouts Meet as the video conferencing platform.
  4. Lesson
    1. A Lesson is the service deliverable of a Class
    2. Regular Lesson
      • 80 min. in duration except those with special arrangement explicitly stated
    3. Trial Lesson
      • the service deliverable with duration around 50% that of a Regular Lesson
      • eligible for attendees booking for his/her 1st Class schedule
  5. Booking
    1. A process of a Class reservation;
    2. Booking details must be attendee’s own particulars, but not the User’s, no matter if the booking is done by attendee’s representative, including family member, friends, etc.;
    3. After sending booking information through this website, the User will receive a notification email stating the user’s contact information, the booking details and payment method. There will be a confirmation email regarding the payment receipt. At this stage the booking is considered complete.


  1. Booking
    1. Once the booking form is filled in and submitted, the schedule chosen by the User is locked as Pending for around 24hours or until payment is done. Then the schedule will either be:
      1. locked as confirmed in case payment is received, or
      2. released in case User fails to pay in 1 day receiving the invoice.
    2. To encourage booking with commitment on the schedule taken by User so as to avoid abuse on booking, it is strongly advised that User should pay extra attention on his/her availability prior to make any payment for the booking.
  2. Refund
    1. On either one of the following occasions, payment will be fully refunded:
      • After completion of a Trial Lesson for payment of registration fee;
      • Any booked Class is canceled or deferred with email notification from Us for payment of Regular Class deposit.
    2. Aside from the above occasions, under no circumstances, including, but not limited to, User’s personal reason, User’s device or internet connection problems, quality of the Class, payment will be refunded.
    3. All refund will be via 「轉數快」Faster Payment System (FPS) or PayMe from HSBC and will be completed on same day of Trial Lesson or confirmation of Class cancellation or defer.

Class Regulations

  1. Be Punctual — Class begins within ± 5 min. according to schedule.
  2. Mutual Respect — Language used should be appropriate and showing respect to each other.
  3. Good Manner — Attendee should notify the tutor when entering or leaving the Class, and show his/her face at least for the first few minutes appearing in Class.
  4. Show Identity — As limited offer of Trial Lesson is for school students only. Without violating Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance regarding personal data collection, attendee may be requested to show his/her student identity card.

Under sole discretion of the tutor, failure to comply these regulations, Class may be suspended without prior warning.